In the immense universe of cosmeceuticals where empty testimonials more often confuse than fulfill needs of the unwary consumer, we have hand-selected several prestigious skincare and cosmetic product lines that are manufactured from the best ingredients and formulated in manners that will serve your skin best. Yes, they might cost a few dollars more than other competitive lines, but in the long run we are convinced that they will maximize skin health and beauty. In other words, you get what you pay for. Of course, all products even in the same product lines cannot be used for all skin types. Therefore, please take advantage of complimentary counseling and advice from one of our aestheticians as to which products are best suited for your individual needs.

We are proud to offer the Obagi skincare product line that is only available at physicians’ offices because of its extremely active nature on the skin. As skin ages, signs of sagging, thinning, wrinkling and discolorations appear. This is due both to anatomical and to physiological alterations occurring as collagen and elastin diminish and unwanted melanin deposits arise. Obagi products are designed to reverse many of these age-related changes. They augment collagen and elastin content, lessen melanin overproduction, and and hasten the skin's natural turnover into better, healthier skin. Under the close attention of our able aestheticians, your individualized Obagi treatment protocol will be engaged so that healthier and more youthful skin will be gained.
La Roche-Posay and Biomedic

La Roche-Posay skincare products derive from a small town in France bearing the same name. It is the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring from which the product line emerges. Among many other minerals, the spa water is rich in selenium, an ingredient with known abilities to reduce antioxidants that can be damaging to the skin. Biomedic is the professional line produced by La Roche-Posay which is only available at physician offices. It is typically used in conjunction with skin care treatments performed at Medspa 29, but it can also be utilized as a standalone daily program for those desiring a high-quality product line carefully formulated for your skin type.
Eminence Organics

Winner of two Professional Choice Awards by American Spa in 2007, Eminence Organic offers more than 40 years of experience in skin care. This is an active skincare product line that can be easily felt by sampling one of them at Medspa 29. The active components contained in all Eminence products derive from their extremely high fruit content which promote healing and regeneration of the skin. Many of you know that certain plants have an ability to penetrate skin – glycolic acids, made from sugarcane or sugar beets, is a good example. In a not dissimilar manner, the penetrative power from certain fruits, the essence of Eminence Organic Skin Care, can also penetrate your skin depositing vitamins and minerals and promoting better skin health. As an aside for those interested about Global Warming, it is refreshing to recognize that Eminence is strongly committed to Green Production and has substantially reduced its carbon footplate (the amount of waste carbon produced, thereby decreasing pollution). Its manufacturing facility is 100% powered by solar and wind energy and geothermally heated. Moreover, it packages and warehouses its products with Green principles.

We believe ColoreScience is the premier mineral-based cosmetic line. It was founded by Diane Richardson Ranger, the same person who founded Bare Escentuals - the mineralized makeup line that turned the cosmetic world upside down. Taking her three-decade experience, Ms. Ranger has established a more exclusive set of makeup products through advanced research and refinement. ColoreScience has formulated cosmetics that are for all skin types, are anti-inflammatory, have no additives, and won’t clog pores. They are made from earth’s pure mineral pigments that reflect colors as if they derive from within yielding a natural, youthful glow. Not only do they yield beauty, but science shows that they promote good skin hygiene. In ColoreScience’s own words: Looking Good Is Good For Your Skin.

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